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Lewis Hamilton completed a stunning comeback to win the 2018 Formula 1 German Grand Prix on Sunday, taking advantage of wet conditions and Sebastian Vettel’s late crash. The win saw the Brit reclaim the championship lead.

The rain had a huge impact on the dramatic race, with Mercedes taking the two top spots despite seeming second-best to Ferrari for much of the Grand Prix. Valtteri Bottas and Kimi Raikkonen completed the podium, and Daniel Ricciardo also crashed out.

Here’s a look at the results from the German Grand Prix:

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Hamilton―who dropped out of qualifying with a mechanical issue―wasn’t able to make up plenty of positions with a great start, forcing him to chase down the cars in the front with pure pace or the help of a fortunate safety car.

The threat of rain was very real for this race, keeping the drivers on edge:

The two Ferrari drivers set the pace early on, building a comfortable gap over the rest of the field, while toward the back both Hamilton and Ricciardo made their way through the field. The latter had opted for the medium tyre compound and his progress was significantly slower.

With the Brit moving up swiftly―he found himself in fifth place in no time at all―Ferrari opted for the early stop with Raikkonen, and the Finn got back on track just ahead of Hamilton.

Vettel and Bottas also made their stops shortly after, and in the background, Ricciardo’s dreadful weekend came to an end:

With the rain closing in, Mercedes took a risk by putting the ultrasoft tyres on Hamilton’s car, hoping the Brit could either stay out or the rain would not arrive―or not be as bad as expected. F1 Youtuber IntoTheBarrier thought it was a big call:

The rain arrived soon after, hitting the final sector of the track. Part of the field stopped for intermediates, but the track wasn’t nearly wet enough for that yet―Mercedes were comfortably quicker than the rest, and the drivers on inters were losing more than five seconds per lap.

The Silver Arrows flew through the pack, with Bottas overtaking Raikkonen and Hamilton making up a ton of ground on his fresher rubber. This put all kinds of pressure on Vettel, and the German would eventually send his car into the wall:

Replays show he locked up, hitting the barrier after running over the gravel.

This brought out a safety car, with Bottas and Raikkonen using the opportunity to pit. However, the former entered the pit lane before his mechanics had the time to ready his tyres, and all of a sudden, Hamilton had the lead.

Once the safety car came in, Bottas was able to go at Hamilton on the fresher rubber, but he soon dropped back down, with Raikkonen engaging him. 

He would not be able to get into range to maximise his DRS until late, with Mercedes holding on for a one-two finish.

The Grand Prix of Hungary is up next on Sunday, July 29.

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