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American billionaire Robert Kraft remains interested in buying a Premier League club after being linked with the purchase of Liverpool back in 2005. 

The New England Patriots and New England Revolution owner said he is “still intrigued” by the notion but is partly put off by the lack of a salary cap, per BBC Sport:

“I like to win at whatever I do. But without a salary cap I’m concerned that we might be at a disadvantage. 

“We helped found MLS in America. Our league here is starting to really develop, and with our soccer team we’ve gone to the championship game five times in 21 years.

“I’m just concerned in the Premier League that we might not, with all the different ways of operating, we’re not as familiar with all of them.

“Let’s say people from all over the world come in and buy teams and maybe they have different reasons for doing it and managing it. And you have to compete with that and I’m not sure. But I’m still intrigued.”

Kraft, 76, met with former Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry back in 2005 and admitted an interest in buying the Anfield giants, per BBC Radio Five Live (via BBC Sport).

Eventually, the Merseyside outfit was bought by American duo Tom Hicks and George Gillett and later sold to current owners Fenway Sports Group.

It is unlikely Massachusetts-born Kraft could return to buy Liverpool any time soon, but opportunities could well emerge for other Premier League outfits. 

For example, Mike Ashley was rumoured to be open to selling Newcastle United in June, per David Conn in The Guardian.

The influence of the United States is already widespread in Premier League ownership. Americans currently have part or full interest in six separate English top-flight clubs, including Manchester United. 

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